Development of a Branch Network all over Greece

Professional Work | 2017- 2018 

Development of a Branch Network all over Greece

Professional Work | 2017- 2018 

Description of the client's profile and needs

OPAP's goal is to develop a network of VLT (video lottery terminal) stores and includes design, construction and delivery of a fully functional store.  The company intends in particular to provide areas that will be designed and operated on the basis of best international practice, providing greater flexibility in responding to customer needs, in order to offer to the users a comfortable entertainment space where they can play with security and discretion.


Participating to the closed competition

For this project, OPAP SA has proclaimed a competition and developed a thorough selection procedure for the contractors of the stores to whom he entitled to construct the new stores.

OPAP SA evaluated each applicant to take over a branch and prepared him through an extensive and rigorous training program how to confront some specific standards during construction.


Description of the Project

I was responsible for a network construction of 12 branches of approximately 150 square meters each all over Greece. The first step was to adapt the design and technical specifications in terms of the brand-name loyalty. The main duty subsequently was to audit the construction works on each site and to ensure the design integration according to the architectural and electromechanical study.

Working as a Project Architect

My contribution to the project also included the monitoring of material specifications and deliveries, the compliance of safety standards during construction, the quality assessment and the budget control.

The management of the architectural design process included not simply the combination of the traditional principles and techniques, but the coordination and integration of information and the organization of teamwork of all parties. This means that the emphasis was given to standards, rules and procedures asserted.

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